Digital Void Presents:

The Doge Meme

A Meme Literacies Primer

In this Meme Literacy Primer, we’re going to explore the history of the doge meme, how its variations contain memetic structure, and where its power lies in a historical context. We’ll help you understand how memes evolve and rewrite history in real-time.

The Doge meme (2010-Present) represents a framework for meme literacies because it contains a strong, consistent structure which is customizable within its aesthetic constraints. The Doge meme is accessible and fairly “safe for work” and, as this project entails, it happens to be one of the most powerful memes ever made. 

Digital Void is an Internet Literacies Collective bringing people together to explore the gap in common understanding of digital culture, media, and technology. The Meme Literacies project is a series of usable resources for classrooms, workshops, or just to learn more about how much memes affect our everyday understanding while reading visual media.


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